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Malcum Turnbull Australian P.M

"No Shit! Shiroi Usagi is the greatest Australian artist of our generation."


- Malcum Turnbull P.M


Shiroi Usagi grew up in Broken Hill. Located in Far West New South Wales, Australia, Broken Hill is extremely isolated.  Despite the isolation little Shiroi still had access to anime through video tapes at his local video store.


Volton, Astro Boy and Kimba The White Lion were among some of his favorites which kick started his love for art and animation.



Shiroi would spend hours upon hours drawing, filling every inch of the page with his own characters.  But by the time High School rolled around, he became obsessed with his new passion, music.


Packing up everything and moving to Queensland in 2004, Shiroi joined numerous bands and toured the country.


Sharing stages with bands he idolized as a teenager, then landing larger international supports with groups such as Static X, Wednesday 13 and Genitorturers, Shiroi's star was on the rise.




Radio play, numerous magazine interviews and the bands music being featured in adult movies, Shiroi felt like he was now part of an unstoppable machine.  Not bad for a boy from Broken Hill.


Landing a management contract in the U.S.A, elation soon turned into depression as Shiroi and the band were scammed out of thousands of dollars.


To deal with the loss Shiroi was now a 30 pack of cigarette a day smoker and a alcoholic. The band broke up soon afterwards.


Feeling frustrated with his graphic design day job, Shiroi then turned back to his first passion, art. Becoming a notorious sticker artist, you could find his work plastered throughout the Brisbane streets.


Then in 2011 opportunity raised its head, the boy from Broken Hill was moving to Japan!


Living in Japan, Shiroi embraced the creative energy of the country. Channeling the fast, frenetic lifestyle into his work, he began to fill every inch of the page with his characters, something he had not done since he was a child.



 The Internet started to take notice.  The underground sticker culture was starting to swell, sticker traders and enthusiastic collectors around the world wanted Shiroi's work.  Shiroi sent out thousands of stickers during his time in Japan and thousands more when he eventually moved back to Australia.





Back on home soil, Shiroi began designing for bands, flyers, album covers and T-shirts. All while making stickers and street art.


Shiroi has since had his work feature in exhibitions all around the world.


Shiroi Usagi currently resides on the Sunshine Coast Australia (he no longer smokes.)

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